These Are Pathetic People

Here’s David Brock, the bedwetter who runs the Soros-funded attack shop Media Matters, going on Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show Wednesday to describe his group’s latest effort at getting Glenn Beck off the air.

Namely, he’s going to make a personal plea to Sarah Palin. Because Palin can get rid of Beck.

And O’Donnell, simp that he is, actually thinks it would be a good idea for Palin to denounce Beck.

High comedy.

We used to poop our britches about George Soros. But now we’re thinking Soros isn’t half as brilliant as we originally thought. He’s crafty and he knows how to buy politicians to leverage policy for personal profit, yeah. And he can do lots of damage, sure.

But as a true James Bond villain, we’re giving him a little too much credit. Seriously – if Soros had his lid screwed on tight, do you really think he’d have David Brock in charge of anything but feeding marmots at a petting zoo?

Get some decent people if you want to destroy America. We’re made of a little stronger wood than this.

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