Forget Harry Reid…Let’s let this guy run the Senate

In the ultimate act of political transparency, Grumpy the clown won in a landslide election to the Brazilian Congress.  He campaigned on three basic standards:

  1. He has no idea what the duties of his office entail.  But he craftily posits that no one else running really knows either…
  2. He will not be a corrupt politician because he really doesn’t care.
  3. Hey, it can’t get any worse, you might as well elect me.

    The only problem is that he might possibly be illiterate.

    Do we actually issue a literacy test for our Congressmen? It sometimes seems as though we don’t.  Hey, if Brazil doesn’t want this guy, we’ll take him. I already like him better than Harry Reid.

    Here is a montage of Grumpy’s campaign commercials.  Enjoy.

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