Listen Up, Congress!

There are “bunches o’ pundits” telling the 112th Congress what they need to do to be a “better” Congress.

In USA Today last week, Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel gave “7 suggestions for the new Congress.”  Their suggestions follow: Show some humility, Ward off special interests, Beware of sex, money & power, Earmarks are not your friends, Be open to compromise, Travel only when necessary, Simply serve your country. These are worthy suggestions for ALL politicians.

In addition to the “7-suggestions”, Armstrong Williams offered the “6 Tips for the 112th Congress” offered at Human today. His wisdom follows: Govern don’t goad, Forget your enemies; build allies instead, Scratch the majority of the majority rule, Realize there is NO permanent majority, Respect the minority, Think locally, Act nationally.

In light of all this I’d like to offer my “suggestions” (whether they like it or not!)

  1. Remember: you’re a hired hand and no more important than the guy cleaning toilets. He at least shows recognizable results benefiting the people using his services.
  2. You work for the American People not private industry or a union bribing you with whatever makes you happy.
  3. Keep your zipper up and your mouth shut. It’s not your right to exploit anybody sexually and if it wasn’t yours before you got to the Congress, it still isn’t yours just because of your title.
  4. Strong-arming porky-looking multi-billion dollar projects from the American Economy on the premise it’s “good” for your constituents is Bullspit. If you benefit only one group you’re punishing others: learn to balance things. You’re running a country, not your childhood clubhouse you idiots!
  5. Quit trying to run the country based on your narrow, unidirectional ideas. You don’t have all the answers-nobody does.
  6. Stay in the same city your office is. You weren’t hired to be a world traveler and geo-politician. You’re a bloody local politician hired to hold a job in a national congress. Remember that. You want to travel: use your damned credit card-NOT OURS!
  7. Serve your country simply. That means recognize it’s a job not a mandate. NOBODY elected you by acclamation to your post. You’re a public servant; the public doesn’t service you.
  8. Don’t follow the titular heads of your party like a “drone”. Some of them (and their ideas) are just plain stupid. We hired you to lead by example.
  9. Learn to play nicely with others. The direction of a country as great as America takes ideas designed by people working for a common cause-not fighting each other based on ideology alone. Work from the strengths of facts, reason and logic; not the weakness of personalities.
  10. Be advised: just because you’re the party in power, it doesn’t mean you’re in power for all time. Working solely from the Power of a Party can lead to dissolution as a nation, a bad taste in the peoples’ mouths and a really evil hangover the next day. Remember why the Guillotine was invented.
  11.  All Dictators are deposed, even if only by time and attrition. Stuff and change happens.
  12. Respect the people. There are more of us than there’ll ever be of you. We can kick your acetabulum out anytime necessary. I like recall initiatives.
  13. You were elected locally to act in a national assembly. Just because you moved to Washington, The State Capitol or Podunk doesn’t mean we can’t get to you when we need to. Every position is refillable and potentially recyclable. Any idiot can wear a suit in Washington and the clothing is unisex. Men and women can act equally stupid when elected.

Congressmen and Senators have a bad habit of believing their own Press Releases. They accept their publicity directors’ descriptions of them as truth in advertising and (up until now) have controlled a mainly compliant/acceptant audience willing to go with the flow. People don’t want to be seen as complaining alone. That’s no longer the case.

As Congressmen and Senators have constituencies; so do writers. And we have no problem expressing the thoughts of those constituencies. Listen up Congress! We won’t accept business as usual and we’re not going away.

Thanks for listening



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