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In the aftermath of the electoral butt-kicking delivered to Democrats last night, we’d like to highlight something we notice is a major difference between pundits on the left and those on the right.

Which is this…

When Republicans take it on the chin in an election, the trend is toward introspection. A circular firing squad tends to form, and internecine squabbling results. As it happens that introspection seems to produce a quick comeback – the current Tea Party resurgence being a perfect example. Conservatives beat each other up for a while, and lo and behold rather than economic conservatism, social conservatism or neoconservatism battling against each other for supremacy within the Republican Party in less than two years the movement has largely rallied around the standard of constitutional conservatism. A 60-odd seat gain in the House, 6-7 Senate seats flipping Republican and the rout of the state houses has resulted. This after the elite punditocracy sharpened their collective pens to write the epitaph for conservatism only two years ago; the movement is amazingly resilient despite the fervent desire to kill it among the political class.

Democrats, by contrast, are not introspective. Their loss in an election usually results in recriminations not among themselves, but against the voters. The 1994 revolution was written down to Angry White Males or temper tantrums. The election of George W. Bush was a sign of a stupid, racist country. And so on.

And those recriminations in the wake of last night’s hammering are underway among the left-wing chatterers. We found these examples, and we invite our readers to supplement them with others you might uncover.

We expect the volume to be quite heavy.

A Lost Generation: Obama deserved to lose—but the country doesn’t deserve the consequences. – John Judis, The New Republic
Republican Party Time: Man Up Mr. Speaker! – Maureen Dowd, NY Times
Lunatic Notion of American ExceptionalismPeter Beinart, Daily Beast
The Unhappy ElectorateLos Angeles Times Editorial
Giving the Keys Back to the Folks Who Crashed the Car – Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson,The Huffington Post

To be updated with reader submissions…



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