Go Away, Lady.

Is anybody else absolutely fed up with Michelle Obama’s assault on fat kids? This showed up on my internets today…

“Can’t just leave it up to the parents?” Who made this woman queen? Won’t she shaddap?

No kid in America is as bloated and obese as the federal budget her husband is presiding over. And her food-tyranny bill just added $4.5 billion worth of lard onto the plate.

And by the way, ever notice how gas prices are on the upswing again? A little lesson for Miz Foist Lady – when poor people have to spend all their money on gas, they don’t have the green to feed their kids arugula and kumquats. The kids get Taco Bell and McDonald’s, because it’s cheaper. You want better chow down their gullets? Fine. Do something about your husband’s stupid policies like the ones stopping Americans from drilling for oil and gas.



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