David Horowitz’ Red-Hot CPAC Speech

This was some pretty strong stuff, and when he gets into the sticky subject of Suhail Khan and the Muslim Brotherhood’s insinuation into otherwise excellent organizations like Americans For Tax Reform and the American Conservative Union you can more or less hear a pin drop in the room – even watching the YouTube video you might get a little uncomfortable at that point.

But Horowitz, who as a red diaper baby and former communist revolutionary who saw the light and devoted his life to fighting totalitarianism, is worth digesting because he does a good deal of work laying out part of the case for something we’re doing a great deal of research into these days here – namely, the connection between what Horowitz calls “political Islam”  and the Hard Left. There was a great deal of evidence that a number of Soros-funded leftist groups, Code Pink perhaps most prominent among them, had a hand in pushing the Egyptian revolution forward (Code Pink has a long-standing alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, by the way), and as we’re finding out the interconnectivity between the Hard Left and Islamist groups like the Ikhwan is quite substantial. An excellent work on this subject is The Grand Jihad, written by National Review’s Andy McCarthy – who as a U.S. Attorney in New York prosecuted Muslim Brother and “blind sheikh” Abdul Rahman and his terror cell after the first World Trade Center bombing; we’ll have a review of that book here on the site next week.

In any event, Horowitz’ speech is worth a look, if for no other reason than that he’s willing to speak the truth even if it makes some folks uncomfortable. It’s time some conservative groups – some of the best, unfortunately – begin cleaning up their houses. The battle against “political Islam” is quite possibly this century’s struggle against fascism or communism, and effectively fighting that battle will prove prohibitively difficult if our side is compromised by the opposition.



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