One Take On Sarah Palin

Now that Palin has turned up in a bunch of headlines for going to California and giving that speech at Reagan’s 100th birthday, you can expect a bunch more screaming and yelling out of the usual suspects.

Which brings up a good question – how come the lefties don’t howl about Huckabee or Paul Ryan or Jim DeMint like they do about Palin?

This guy has a pretty good answer for that, which I’d say is substantially right.

I don’t think Palin is gonna run next year. I think she’s gonna play kingmaker for the next couple of election cycles and by 2020, when the Left has nothing else they can throw at her and the country has been moved to the right of where it is now, I think she’ll run then.

But it’s clear nobody on the GOP side inspires the kind of fear Palin does. Nobody folks are talking about as a candidate looks as good, either. Can Huckabee even ride a horse? Can Romney?



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