The Great Waffle House Throwdown

This video showed up at WDSU’s website last night, and the station is playing up the slowness of the police arriving to the scene. It seems the Waffle House on Read Boulevard in New Orleans East is right around the corner from the police station, but the cops don’t arrive in the entire five minutes on the video. They came a little later.

There’s a lot you can say about what’s on the video, but it seems pretty clear that how slow the fuzz shows up isn’t the top of the list.

First, do they speak English in New Orleans East? I recognized a few words on this clip, all of which are unprintable. Other than that, they might as well have been speakin’ Sanskrit. If somebody can translate I’d appreciate it.

Second, how about breaking up the fight? It’s a bunch of women throwing down at each other. Somebody couldn’t have controlled them before they trashed the place?

Third, how do you run a Waffle House that’s open 24 hours in New Orleans East, which is Louisiana’s answer to Juarez or Waziristan, and not have a rent-a-cop there? It’s no surprise none of the employees were interested in trying to break that fight up – they’re probably scared to death.

And fourth, I didn’t notice anybody paying a check up in that mo-fo. Guess in all the excitement, they forgot.



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