Chuck The Schmuck And The Evil Party Line

The old adage in Washington is that the Republicans are the Stupid Party and the Democrats are the Evil Party. And you really don’t have to look hard for evidence of just how true the saw really is.

Take for example today’s kerfuffle surrounding New York Democrat Charles “Chuck The Schmuck” Schumer, who let the cat out of the bag as to his party’s strategy for what at this point seems to be an inevitable government shutdown. But before we get to that, let’s see what Schumer had to say on the floor of the Senate today…

It sounds like typical partisan spew from Schumer, who is perhaps the preeminently proficient producer of it. But before Schumer hit the floor he was on a conference call the Senate Democrats had to discuss the state of the budget negotiations. The call was supposed to be between those Democrats first, and then they’d bring the media on for a presser. But Schumer didn’t know that, so instead he waded right in and spilled the beans about how they’d be spinning the shutdown as being all the Tea Party’s fault.

At this point it’s patently obvious that for all the media attention about the Republicans and how they’re gunning for a government shutdown, the guys who actually WANT one are the Democrats. Schumer and his goombas on the Democrat side have decided that they can win a shutdown; they think they can pin the whole thing on the Stupid Party and in so doing resurrect their chances at keeping the Senate and the White House for 2012. They think this is 1995 all over again.

Whether they’re right or not depends on so many things it’s impossible to say. But what appears patently obvious is that while it’s entirely valid to question the commitment of the House GOP leadership on balancing the budget – none of these guys have proven they can do it, and proposing a $61 billion cut in pursuit of a $1.6 trillion deficit doesn’t exactly indicate an ironclad commitment to a balanced budget – there is no question the Democrats have no interest in cutting the bloated federal budget at all. If there was ever any doubt about this before, Schumer’s conference-call gaffe eliminated it today.

And on the budget fight, if you care about the federal government ever balancing its budget there really are good guys and bad guys. There are the hesitant, scared-as-mice newborn fiscal hawks in the Stupid Party, and then there are the practiced, unprincipled demagogues and demonizers in Chuck The Schmuck’s Evil Party.

It’s no wonder we’re in the shape we’re in.



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