Frank Gaffney on Libya: What Next?

A lot of people on the Right seem to be jumping on the anti-Obama bandwagon where Libya is concerned, and that’s easy to do. Since most of the time the President is wrong, particularly on foreign policy, it’s a relatively safe position to take that if he’s not moving to support the rebels trying to depose the Qaddafi regime there the correct policy has to be to get involved.

But the Center For Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, who has been considered a neocon’s neocon in the past, surprisingly says “Not so fast…”

Gaffney correctly points out that while Qaddafi deserves whatever awful fate we can help engineer for him, there is a really good argument to be made that even if the rebels aren’t Muslim Brotherhood per se, they’re quite likely to lead to an Islamist government in Libya – which believe it or not is even worse than Qaddafi is.

He’s in favor of getting rid of Qaddafi. But he’s also in favor of offloading the job to the Europeans; it’s long since past time for them to take the lead on some of these things. Our main mission has to be beating the mullahs in Iran.

And a key takeaway line: quoting Henry Kissinger on the Iran-Iraq War and applying it to Qaddafi vs. the Islamists, he says “I hope they both lose.”



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