From Saturday’s Baton Rouge MoveOn Rally: Tea Party Fueled By Racism

Via Big Government, an anonymous Vast Right Wing Conspiracy operative calling himself “Condor” caught some interesting tape at Saturday’s rally in downtown Baton Rouge organized by

The rally, which was supposed to be a solidarity demonstration with the union protestors in Wisconsin, drew an unimpressive crowd and produced tired rhetoric.

But it did produce this colloquy, which “Condor” got audio of…

A partial transcript…

MoveOn: My opinion is that, first of all, Tea Partiers tend to be in a wealthier category so even if you don’t currently benefit from it, people don’t want to tax millionaires because everyone believes, kinda, in their heart of hearts that ‘I’m gonna be a millionaire one day’, you know? So there’s kinda that class envy that fuels it and also I personally believe, especially in Louisiana, for a lot of citizens it’s racism.

Condor: Not all over the United States?

MoveOn: I can’t speak for all over the United States but I tend to think that as well, but certainly here in Louisiana. When people think of the ones who are abusing these social programs they want to cut, I mean they think of a black, unwed mother. You know what? I get really mad because I make minimum wage. So part of it is racism, part of it is the fact that they want to cut programs that aren’t benefiting them because they think the people that are on it are lazy, are slackers, you know, that’s

Condor: Kinda like the slave mentality?

MoveOn: Well, the welfare moms of the 80′s and 90′s they used to talk about. You know, the woman she sits at home and eats bon-bons and watches soap operas all day and keeps having children so that she can get more government benefits. Well that person doesn’t exist, but it’s a good stereotype to get people mad to cut these social programs.

You may notice that “Joshua,” the coordinator Condor is talking to, has an accent which is decidedly not a South Louisiana accent. In other words, he’s from somewhere else, and quite possibly somewhere far away. Then he takes a big, squishy dump on this state by saying that racism is the reason conservatives “especially in Louisiana” want to rein in wealth redistribution. And finally, he says he makes minimum wage – which means he gets “really mad” at what he thinks is a perception that welfare recipients or the poor are lazy or engage in social pathology (when there is ample statistical basis behind the proposition that poverty or government dependence is, shocking though it might seem, behaviorally based).

Which begs several questions of “Joshua” – why has he come from someplace else to Baton Rouge so that he can complain about making minimum wage while spending his time organizing protests? Isn’t he capable of doing better for himself? Does he work full-time for MoveOn? Is minimum wage all they pay him? If all he can drum up is 200 stragglers for a protest on a Saturday, perhaps minimum wage is more than he’s worth.

“Joshua” tells us that the woman who sits at home and eats bon-bons on the government dole doesn’t exist. Perhaps in his extensive travels throughout South Louisiana he’s never met Sharon “it’s pitiful what people give you” Jasper. Regardless, it’s ironic that he should rail against the stereotype of the over-fertile black welfare queen while arguing on behalf of larger social programs which might extend to unproductive 20-something caucasian males who spend their time unsuccessfully organizing the masses against the system rather than engaging in a free economy which rewards the creation of wealth through serving the needs of the market.

Maybe Miz Jasper wouldn’t tell “Joshua” this. We don’t mind doing it…

Shut up, White Boy.



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