Happy Mardi Gras!

We’re going to be a little slow posting today due to the holiday and the fact that most of the state of Louisiana is shut down.

That said, a few things for our readers to chew on…

Last night in Iowa, Buddy Roemer continued with his jihad against “special interests.” Roemer was at a forum in a town called Waukee along with Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty. We weighed in on this last week to the effect that “special interests” won’t cut it with Republican voters and Roemer isn’t going to gain much of a following speaking in general terms like that. But hey – what do we know?

Meanwhile, if this doesn’t finish off NPR nothing will – the Daily Caller has a piece today with the head of that organization’s fundraising arm on tape making some pretty noxious, hard-left statements. As in, all the Tea Party people are a bunch of skinheads, and oh-by-the-way The Jews own all the newspapers. He also said they’d be better off without federal funding, which means maybe we should give him what he wants and cut him off the public teat.

Speaking of that, Rep. Michele Bachmann is making the rounds today howling about $105 billion in “pre-funding” money for Obamacare that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama baked into the health care bill last year, and demanding a rescission. She’s calling the secret appropriation a “bombshell” and a “crime against democracy.”

Now – whether Bachmann is all wet on this one or on to something is a good question. But if there’s a pot of $105 billion that can be plowed into reducing the deficit and killing the implementation of Obamacare, you’d have to think the House GOP leadership might want to jump on the issue.

Oh – and by the way, we got linked from National Review on Friday! We thought that was kinda cool. Of course, it’s actually a link from a link; our piece on the one deepwater drilling permit issued by the Department of the Interior was picked up by Jazz Shaw at Pajamas Media last week and NRO’s Greg Pollowitz picked up Jazz’ piece. But that’s good enough for us.

Incidentally, it’s not the first time we’ve been linked by NRO; Ryan Booth’s piece last year on Jeb Bush as a 2012 favorite had that honor.



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