Hostage Takers

All of this action being accomplished by the “public sector” union members in Wisconsin is a problem. In the effort to assure they have a voice in the manner teachers are paid and given benefits, the unions have come across as thugs and extortionists. They’re proving to be hostage takers in what they laughingly describe as a pursuit of the right to “negotiate”.

In Wisconsin, there are no more than 92,000 members of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, but they have made efforts to shut down government in Wisconsin with their take-over of the Capitol and the combined Chambers of the Legislature. Government representatives, in an effort to pander to the interests of this incredibly vocal, vociferous and bullying minority, abandoned their positions as legislators and representatives of their constituencies. They escaped across state lines to avoid their responsibility to represent ALL of the people in their districts.

This is cowardice based on threat of retribution. It’s a fact the loudest protesters get the most press coverage. After all, as the maxim goes, “if it bleeds it leads”. The more action presented for the camera the greater the mesmerizing of the media. The more extreme the protest the greater the advertising dollars are attracted.

But there are only 92,000 members of this Labor Union. There are 5,694,514 citizens (approximately) being held hostage to the loudest and most destructive form of extortion. The people alleging so much feeling for the children of the state are willing to shut down education to get so what they and they alone want. If they really cared they’d be in the classrooms.

The taxpayers have NO union. They only have the representatives available for hire every four to six years. Taxpayers only have the sculpted and bought choices presented to them by big labor dollars. These political prostitutes selling their legislative wares to the highest bidder are no better than the union thugs who learned their tactics from the organized criminals of the 1920s and 30s.

The Unions are more protective of their “brand” as representatives of the worker rather than actually looking to prevent “real” violations of laborers’ rights and protections. The Unions are more interested in gaining bigger and better benefits so they may justify the leaders of the unions getting bigger and better wage packages.

The actual workers must strike. They’re the ones actually not working. They’re the ones getting no more than a few dollars a day for their picketing while their “union reps” get the thousands and thousands of dollars in pay they do no more to earn than act resolute and complain about the workers’ conditions.

The union leaders are the progenitors and constructors of violence and work stoppage and monetary loss for their rank and file members. The rank and file members follow believing there’s strength in numbers and they’re right. But they don’t recognize the guys at the podium, with the bullhorns and microphones, aren’t the ones walking on the picket lines for hours on end. The leaders couldn’t care less about having to relate to their neighbors and fellows after they get more and more of the tax dollars ALL citizens must dole out to see a few better their position in society.

How much is the non-union member supposed to take before he/she gets angry enough to come together and fight the unions? When does the citizen get the chance to organize to fight abuses they suffer at the hands of a few uncouth and unscrupulous members of a small minority? Where are the protections for the people paying the price with their unrepresented labors?

The malfeasant, cowardly members of the Wisconsin legislature that cut and run rather than face their responsibilities should be prosecuted for their actions. They’ve taken state money to NOT accomplish the goals they said they stood for when campaigning. The unions need to be put in their place by their memberships because the fools in the rank and file don’t even realize the truth.

Each time they get another increase while on the public tax dollar, they get an equivalent tax increase to cover the wage increase.

How stupid is that?

Thanks for listening.



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