What Do You Call This? A Party Foul?

When you’re up on DUI charges, it’s important for the judge to think you’re usually sober and when you got arrested it was just a lapse in judgement.

This guy probably didn’t really think that through.

MONTICELLO — A Swan Lake man facing a felony driving-while -intoxicated charge showed up at Sullivan County Court on Monday with a bag full of beer — and was promptly thrown in jail without bail, officials said.

Keith Gruber, 49, had a scheduled 10:30 a.m. pretrial hearing.

Gruber came to court about an hour and a half late carrying a black bag that contained four cans of Busch beer, authorities said. He also was carrying an open can and was obviously drunk, officials said.

He tried to throw away the can, but officers stopped him.

What he maybe could have done was to say he has MS. Then again, that doesn’t work so well either.

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