A Little Housekeeping About This Week…

I’m going to be out of pocket to an extent Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Hayride will take on a little different character those two days as a result. A lot of the other contributors will be pitching in with some stuff to cover me, so our readers might not notice that I’m gone. Plus, I’ve got some stuff pre-posted that will show up.

But just to let you know, you probably won’t see a Nooner until Thursday.

I’ll be in D.C. on a business trip. It’ll be something along these lines…

…well, probably not.

But I did get a haircut today. And I’m definitely not going to send Oscar up there in my stead like Matt Damon did – because the little varmint would probably do EXACTLY what Ben Affleck did to the nerds at MacNeil. He’d walk out of there with whatever folding money the suits had on ’em and take it straight back to Barataria so he could blow it on video poker.

Anyway, regardless of how things go this week nothing’s going to change with the site. I do other things on the side, and this deal I’m going up there for is one of them. So don’t freak out about that. I’ll just seem a little lazy for the next couple of days. But the other guys around here generally post stuff just as good or better than I do – so I doubt the Hayride will suffer.



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