Convicted Murderer Pardoned by Edwin Edwards Kills Again?

Kenner Police say a man pardoned by former Governor Edwin Edwards has killed again.

Officers arrested 61-year-old Roy Garland for allegedly killing 42-year-old Willie Hall Monday.

“At the time of Garland’s arrest, he was wearing clothing identical to clothing described by Hall that was covered in blood.  At the present time the motive to the shooting is unknown,” the detective said.  “Kenner Police believed they have recovered the murder weapon a .38 caliber revolver.  Garland was charged with the crime of second degree murder.  He remains in custody.”

Kenner police say Garland has a lengthy criminal history, including a prior conviction for second degree murder.

McGregor says that landed him a sentence that was supposed to keep him behind bars.

“He received a life sentence in October 1975,”  the detective explained. “His sentence was later commuted to 20 years with restoration of parole eligibility by Governor Edwin Edwards.”

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