FLEMING VIDEO: Exposing Obama Admin Lies About Gulf Oil Production

Rep. John Fleming’s office is getting a little more advanced on YouTube these days. They’re now producing videos rather than just recording clips off TV. And this one, which came out yesterday, goes through a few of the ridiculous claims made by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and BOEMRE head Michael Bromwich along the lines that oil production was at an all-time high.

In those hearings, Fleming did a number on the Obama flunkies – and in particular Bromwich, who as the guy responsible for permitting and regulating offshore oil production probably ought to know what that production is, but based on his testimony apparently doesn’t read the data the Energy Information Administration puts out for the public to see. It’s embarrassing, and it lends credence to Fleming’s argument that current skyrocketing oil and gasoline prices are occurring according to the administration’s design (as in, to sell more Chevy Volts, etc.).

Anyway, the video…



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