Meet The Enemy

This is Ed Markey. He’s a congressman from Massachusetts. The congressman from Massachusetts who, believe it or not, makes Barney Frank look like a swell guy.

Markey is the author of the Cap And Trade bill which thankfully died in the Senate in 2009. He’s the chief mouth-breather among the congressional hysterics who used the BP spill as a justification for ending offshore drilling in the Gulf. He’s been an implacable enemy of productive American industry and the chief global warming fantasist in Congress.

He’s also a wholly-owned subsidiary of George Soros.

But in front of a crowd of Soros drones at a neo-communist organization called Free Press over the weekend, Markey either (1) showed exactly how hateful and stupid a Massachusetts left-winger can be, or (2) bent VERY low to kiss the asses of a crowd full of hard-core lefties. Or both.

Watch it for yourself and decide whether this guy belongs in the United States Congress. Or whether you can compromise with people like this.



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