VIDEO: Rand Paul References ‘Huey Long Rhetoric’ In Defense Of Tea Party, Fiscal Responsibility

It’s a classic Rand Paul speech, which might be one reason why you’ll see him replace his dad on the campaign trail next year.

He denounces class warfare by referencing Huey Long and “chicken in every pot” Democrat boilerplate, which is both appropriate and effective (to the extent that folks remember what Huey was about; and to the extent they don’t it’s useful for the GOP to re-educate the voters about Long’s Share The Wealth demagoguery).

But most of all he hits a home run by noting something too few Republicans are noting right now – namely, that the Democrats who are so villifying the GOP for having put forth a budget and a vision for reining in entitlement spending have yet to introduce an appropriation bill of their own in over a year. The monstrous irresponsibility and lack of seriousness inherent in that are mind-blowing, and this ought to be howled about from every rooftop Republicans control in Washington.

Anyway, the video…



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