Good Grief. Can’t This Guy Do Anything Right?

It’s one thing when Obama goes to sign the guest book at Westminster Abbey and he can’t remember what year it is.

It’s another thing when he can’t get his wife to wear something reasonably appropriate around British royalty so as not to embarrass the country. Instead, she shows up in some burlap bag that ends up around her waist when the wind blows.

And it’s another altogether when he can’t even follow protocol to give a toast to the queen.

From ABC News

The president and the orchestra at Buckingham Palace this evening were a bit out of synch.

When the president toasted the Queen the orchestra misunderstood a pause and what seemed to be a cue from the president for “God Save the Queen” to begin playing.

“Ladies and gentlemen please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast,” the president said, putting down his note cards and grabbing his glass. “To her majesty the Queen.”

The president paused, the guests stood, and the orchestra prepared to play.

But the president wasn’t done speaking.

“The vitality –“ the president said before the orchestra began.

Then the familiar tune – you might know it better as “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” – started up.

The president kept going: “ — of the special relationship between our peoples and for the words of Shakespeare to this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,” the president said as the awkward moment played out.

The Queen looked ahead as the UK anthem played.

“To the Queen,” the president finally said.

He lifted his glass to her, she smiled a bit uncomfortably.

But because the song was playing, no one drank from his or her glass, including the president, who put his glass down on the table.

Then once the song was over, everyone raised a glass.

It almost felt like one of those moments at the Academy Awards when the speech from the recipient for Best Original Screenplay goes on too long and the orchestra tries to hustle him or her off the stage.

Kind of weird.

He’s in England and he can’t keep his wife from showing thigh to the royals or avoid screwing up a simple toast. Meanwhile, Israel’s prime minister, whom Obama picked a completely unnecessary fight with last week over an issue that has absolutely zero business at the forefront given the mounting threat from Iran and the revolution going on in Syria, was giving an address to Congress that gave the American people a stunning contrast in leadership.

It’s embarrassing. It’s discouraging. It’s a little comical, but not really. Nobody wants a repeat of the disgraceful way the Left spent eight years assassinating George W. Bush’s character, but Obama is every bit as goofy and laughable as they accused Bush of being.



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