The Louisiana Citizens Protection Act – HB 411

The Louisiana Citizens Protection Act is HB411 by Rep. Ernest Wooten. This is a comprehensive immigration enforcement bill modeled after the Arizona legislation, only it is even stronger. It will put Louisiana at the forefront of TRUE immigration reform.

Also attached to this bill is a provision to require full and fair disclosure on Shariah-Compliant mutual funds which are often currently marketed with no mention of their association with Shariah. With this provision, Rep. Wooten will be setting a model for other states to use to alert investors to certain mutual funds that are marketed as “ethical investing,” but are in reality Shariah-Compliant and governed by foreign Shariah scholars. Currently there are 4 mutual fund families that fall into this category.

Hearings for HB411 will be held on June 1st before the House Labor and Industrial Relations Committee. The key members of the committee are listed below. PLEASE CONTACT THEM BY EMAIL AND TELEPHONE AND ASK THEM TO SUPPORT HB411.

Representative Erich E. Ponti

Representative Herbert B. Dixon

Representative George Gregory Cromer

Representative Cameron Henry

Representative John LaBruzzo

Representative James H. Morris

Representative Scott M. Simon

Information on the bill can be found at this link.

Source: The Louisiana Citizens Protection Act – HB 411



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