This Is What Leadership In The National Interest Looks Like

Today, President Obama had a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for three hours, less than 24 hours after Obama had given a forgettable speech which demanded that the Israelis essentially gut their strategic interest as a predicate for peace negotiations with Hamas-dominated Palestinian Arabs who won’t even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

Obama offered up meaningless platitudes at the press conference which followed, and Netanyahu – who has been put upon by lesser men in charge of larger and more populous nations since his return to power in Israel, all in an effort to dislodge him from his office so that country’s discredited Left would return to power and offer a fresh round of olive branches for the Palestinians to spit upon – had an opportunity to speak directly to Obama, the American people and the world.

Israel’s prime minister used that opportunity to state his country’s case with such clarity, force and passion as hasn’t been seen since the days of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. It was, perhaps unexpectedly, an historic moment.

America yearns for this kind of strong, principled, articulate leadership.

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