This Is Who Obama Wants For Commerce Secretary

The proposition that John Bryson is qualified for a cabinet post in the United States federal government is laughable.

Laughable. And dangerous.

This is a man with ideas so ridiculously out of touch with reality that even Eurosocialists would call him unserious.

Here is Bryson, the co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Fund, which is an enviro-nut group that makes a practice of filing lawsuits to stop oil and gas exploration on global warming grounds, in 2009…

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.

Bryson has also been an advocate of giving welfare to poor nations so that they’ll opt out of developing their natural resources and forfeit private property rights.

Secretary of Commerce. That’s what Obama wants to make this guy. And it’s an excellent bet that the next time there’s a Congressional recess Obama will slip him into that job – which is why you probably won’t see an official recess from the House of Representatives until after the 2012 elections.

Can there be any doubt whatsoever as to the ideological bent of this president? And what role did the announcement of Bryson as Obama’s choice for Commerce Secretary role play in fueling the current stock market swoon? Probably not a big one, but it couldn’t have helped.



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