55? Really, 55?

The New Orleans Times Picayune passes on an Associated Press report explaining how nearly six months ago Ron Ceasar started a recall petition against Governor Jindal. Despite the fact that Mr. Ceasar’s name could be a poorly chosen pen name for a low budget food critic, it seems that in real life he is a 58 year old Ph.D. candidate at Southern University.

In real life he would need 908,000 signatures to recall Jindal. After six months he’s accumulated (drum roll)…55 verified signatures.

A full-time Ph.D. student at Southern University, Ceasar said he and his supporters brought in more signatures than what is on file with the secretary of state’s office, but he acknowledged the recall election won’t happen.

The irony of his age coupled with his educational pursuits aside, I have to believe that in a few hours you could get a thousand people at Southern to sign in opposition to Jindal, which leads me to believe Mr. Ceasar hasn’t really tried very hard, but here’s the kicker….

Ceasar said the recall petition helped him gain attention and supporters encouraged him to run against the governor.

“I have statewide name recognition right now. It might not be comparable to the governor, but they’re familiar of me being chair of the recall petition campaign,” said Ceasar, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 1994.

Apparently Mr. Ceasar’s thesis has a working title of ” the symbolism & fallacy of election recall in Louisiana.” Buddy Leach has requested an advance copy for the LA Democratic Party’s July executive committee meeting.

I think that the whole of Ceasar’s effort can be summed up by the closing sentence in the article…

At the time the petition was filed, Ceasar listed his wife as vice chair, but she later said she wasn’t involved with the effort.

Yeah, Really!

Uncle Gus



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