EBR Metro Council knocks Holden off his rocker

When the Metro Council killed Kip Holden’s bond issue on Wednesday, the force of their collective backhand must have knocked him off his rocker, because Kip’s delusion, irrational behavior and general paranoia mirror that of a schizophrenic hobo.

Have you seen his reaction? It looks like the guy is really losing it, I mean I honestly believe he’s on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Immediately after the vote, he sounded like he was about to cry as he whined to the media the Council was “playing Russian Roulette” with people’s lives and safety. He’s referring of course to the money for bridge repairs — his default scare tactic.

The funny thing is that Baton Rouge apparently has magical, self-repairing bridges, because in 2008 when Kip proposed his first bond he included money to repair our “failing bridges.” But by the time he proposed his second bond, our bridges had repaired themselves because Kip included not one cent in the 2009 bond for bridge repairs.

Now to hear Kip tell it, you better make sure you’re right with Jesus before you drive over any bridge in Baton Rouge.

And of course, what Kip Holden fail would be complete without accusing someone else of dirty politics. This week’s villain is Councilman Scott Wilson. Despite the fact that the Council killed the bond by a 3 to 1 margin, in Kip’s world Wilson single-handedly orchestrated the whole thing to exact revenge.

Lastly, you’re going to hear a lot about how the Council “subverted the will of the people” by not allowing a vote. Don’t buy into this hogwash.

As Kip said the other night when rebuffing a call to negotiate with the Council: “This is the same bond issue.” At least Kip is right about one thing, this is the same bloated, fiscally irresponsible bond issue from last time, which means the people have already rejected it twice. If Kip wasn’t such an egotistical, “I know what’s best for the people” stubborn ass of a mayor he would understand that.



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