Quote Of The Day, July 20, 2011

“If you take the Gang’s figure of half-a-trillion dollars in immediate ‘aggressive deficit reduction’ seriously, that represents about what the U.S. government borrows every four months. What’s ‘aggressive’ about that? And what’s immediate about it? It’s all unspecified “discretionary spending caps” and “process reforms” that will collapse like soufflés ten minutes after the signing ceremony. Obviously it’s appealing to Democrats: It accepts their view that 25 percent of GDP should be the new baseline for national (‘federal’ no longer seems quite the word) government spending. But what’s in it for Republicans?

“We are sending a consistent message to the world that the political structures of the United States do not allow for meaningful course correction. That does far more damage to the “full faith and credit” of America than failing to hike the debt ceiling.”

– Mark Steyn



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