Laura Ingraham Slaughters Charlie Rangel

Embarrassing. Just embarrassing. But delicious.

Ingraham takes Allen West’s statement yesterday that the Democrats have trapped Black America on a plantation and he’s got to be a Harriett  Tubman of sorts and lead them off it, and she runs with it. She runs over Rangel with it, actually.

Rangel won’t answer the simple question whether lefty policies are good for the black community. All he brings are DNC talking points. Ingraham doesn’t let him get away with that, so Rangel’s only option is to say she’s “just a pretty girl.”

Ingraham is that, of course, but she’s also pretty sharp and she’ll eat you alive for saying stuff like that. Which she does in this case.

At the end he knows he’s just gotten his ass handed to him. In 50 years of being a Congressman this is as bad as it’s gotten. Sure, his ethical deal last year was embarrassing, but the game was fixed in advance and he knew he wasn’t going to get run out of Congress for tax evasion – so it was just a question of grinning and bearing it. But this? This will go with him forever.

It’s almost like accountability. Almost. Charlie wouldn’t know about that, seeing as though he’s the prime example of how once the inner-city Democrat machine gets somebody elected to Congress they leave only one of two ways: in handcuffs or in a casket.



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