Marco Rubio’s Absolutely Sensational Speech At The Reagan Library

Whoever gets the 2012 Republican nomination will likely win the presidency. That’s increasingly what it looks like as poll after poll shows the Obama presidency has been all but abandoned by the American people.

But whether it’s Rick Perry or Mitt Romney, the two most likely 2012 nominees, it’s quite possible that the real superstar in the party won’t be its 2012 nominee, but perhaps its potential Vice Presidential candidate.

That would be Marco Rubio.

By now, almost everyone has seen the video clip of Rubio catching Nancy Reagan as she stumbled while walking up the aisle on Rubio’s arm in advance of his Reagan Library speech. But what you haven’t likely seen is the speech itself.

And it’s a spellbinder.

Rubio has the ability to deliver a message of real American freedom like no Republican advocate has been able to do since Reagan himself.

It would be a showing of pure insanity not to have this man as the other half of either Perry or Romney’s ticket next year. But if in fact he’s not the Vice President, Rubio simply has to be marked down as the odds-on man for 2016 or 2020, depending on the results of 2012.

Because a man who can deliver a speech like this has a big future. And if he has the ability to deliver on the rhetoric in such a speech, so does America.

UPDATE: The question and answer period was pretty good as well (he talks a tiny little amount about the VP spot)…



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