The Old Days Sound Pretty Good Right Now

It’s my turn to do one of those cover versions posts, but I can’t quite come up with anything.

Instead, I’m still rubbing my furry ass over the Dow dumpin’ 500 points today. That ain’t cool. And my uncle T-Billy, who’s a broker, tells me the Japs are just as busted in tomorrow’s trading. Which means the damage prolly doesn’t stop tomorrow.

We be screwed.

Sorry to be the rodent bearing bad tidings. Seriously, I am. How can I make it up to you? I could tell you LSU and the Saints are both gonna be bad-ass teams this fall, but then I’d have to explain how LSU’s offensive coordinator having to demote himself because of Parkinson’s Disease is no big deal, and that’s too freakin’ depressing.

So instead, here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna take you back to better times.

Let’s play some records, huh?



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