This Is No Flesh Wound

As a big fan of old westerns and film noir, the black and white detective thrillers of the thirties, forties and fifties, it’s always amazed me how somebody gets shot with a bullet like a .45 caliber. The wounded guy sucks it up and asks: “is it bad Joe?”  Joe looks at it, sticks a rag on it and says: “Nah, it’s only a flesh wound. And, together, they get the bad guy. Another case in point was when Magnum P.I. was shot with the equivalent of an elephant gun in the last scene before the finale. This bullet’s created caverns rivaling Carlsbad. But ol’ MAGNUM is playing Beach Volleyball and has NO scar tissue at the wound site during the finale. It’s a miracle worthy of endless repetition at Lourdes.

Invariably some nitwit will speak the hackneyed, unconscionable words: “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” No, in the case of gunshot wounds, what doesn’t kill you creates a serious wound and leaves you hopelessly, permanently scarred for life. This is axiomatic of this type of injury. It’s a truth you can’t soften with rhetorical bullspit hyperbole.

I wish somebody would tell Barack Obama and the members of the Congressional Dimwit Pit these facts. Maybe they’ll figure it out now that our International Financial Leadership role has taken a hit dead-center mass with a Reality Round.

But, Obama issues his boiler plate platitudes about “we’ve always been and always will be a Triple-A country.” That’s correct. That’s true. That’s an extant fact because of AMERICA’S leadership on the world stage. It’s a leadership role we find missing in Obama’s stage weary, costume-like rolled up sleeves.

America’s growing weary of Teleprompter clichés and bromides losing their structural integrity because they’re as hollow as the echo of past calls for hope and change. America’s changed under Obama’s lackluster attempts at leadership and none of that change is good. The economy sucks. America’s prestige in the world community is lower than it’s ever been and the leader of the free world is a joke without a punch line.

Obama blames Congress. Well, he finally got something right. But his posturing as a great political leader shows there really is little substance to the man. He’s a cardboard cut-out of what some wanted because it suited their ego structures of being overwhelmingly liberal in having elected the “first” of anything. There’s more to leadership than prompter-parroting other people’s theories and using Labor Union enforcers to accumulate an audience appearing greater than it is in reality.

When the going gets tough, Obama and the Congress go on vacation. Congress adjourned and Obama is seeking divine intervention at Martha’s Vineyard. He’ll try channeling the spirit of dead Kennedys at endless photo ops while scampering after his kids on the beach. But in order to placate the spectral dead Kennedys he’ll have to learn touch football. Shooting baskets won’t cut it.

Fact is; like the dead Kennedys Obama has no clue on how to repair a budget. They only know how to spend, and in so doing make people believe they’re the people’s benefactors. Obama wants to print money and hand-out government programs to create jobs. Obama follows the ages old Democratic Party program of cutting a hole in the bottom of your pocket. Then they scoop up the money, hand it back to you and tell you how they discovered “new” money to give you. It’s YOUR tax dollars being recycled as a new payday. This is NOT the way to create a Deficit Reduction Plan.

Obama’s run out of gas. He mangles metaphors and creaks along on crumbling clichés and platitudes. He proclaims “markets will rise and fall” and speaks of our “dysfunctional government”, the same government of which he’s the titular head. Don’t forget: “there will always be economic factors that we can’t control”. That’s true, especially if you have no idea what an economic factor is in the first place.

B.O. hasn’t figured out yet it takes more than a nice suit, a stern look and a Teleprompter loaded with banal rhetoric. None of this is leadership. It’s not even good rabble-rousing anymore. And it’s not working; those approval ratings he’s bragged about for most of his presidency now have him at a lousy 39 percent.

That’s definitely going to leave a mark. We’ve already got our scars; he should have his as well.

Thanks for listening.



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