Where To Now?

I monitor local Tea Party websites and find much dissatisfaction amongst the communicants. Some attack the Tea Parties as illogical. It appears Tea Parties want to revisit the original mode of operation established at the Boston Tea Party: tear the government down, rebuild and set themselves up in positions of power after the revolution. Tea Partiers comment about the government reclusiveness and the governmental process’ removal from the people. To them government’s an entity of itself. It lives, breathes, eats, procreates through asexual autogenesis; engendering more, unwanted and unnecessary government. It nurtures government to a maturity level not allowing the citizens control other than through extreme measures.

Government breeds more government but the only ones getting screwed are the people.

This political phenomenon grew more powerful because of mass media, social media and simple down-home mass organization. There’s growing fear and jealousy amongst those threatened by the people’s demand for a greater voice in government. Tea Party people feel stifled as their individual, economic and constitutional freedoms are whittled away by people they elected to do their bidding not that of exclusionary political parties. The hierarchy of government rules government, not the voters.

Tea Partiers believe themselves guaranteed of “certain unalienable rights” assured them by those who threw the tea in the harbor. Tea Partiers take their position in life seriously. The roar of their vocal protest, now approaching the level of millions of voices nationally, is a frightening sound to those looking more like 18th century Parliamentarians and Monarchs.

Government should respect and fear the people. You can spit fecal matter as much as you want about the ability of the people to “vote-out” the bad seeds in Congress. The sad fact is people until now didn’t organize efficiently. The people, until this point, didn’t amass large amounts of money to fight the political war-chests of the government’s “golden children”. As we all know “money talks and b.s. walks”, in the political realm. That’s why administrations kiss the rings of people like Soros, Trumka, the Koch Brothers and any and all special-interest groups with a checkbook or organizational credit cards looking to become place-markers in the ledger deciding the assets and liabilities of the incumbent party.

There’s a good message to be heard and understood; but sometimes it’s lost in the bombast of rhetoric and hyperbole. It’s all well and good to be on point with your discussion but it shouldn’t continually be shouted or venomously spit through a PA system so loudly it hurts the sensibilities of the audience. Too loud a protest can drive the audience away. It makes the message as incoherent as the messenger.

The Tea Party Movement started when people realized their lives were an exercise in frustration concerning their government. Now there’s organized protest. There are rank and file members of society attending protests. They meet, greet and speak with people sharing their same goals. They dispel their fear of being alone in their dissatisfaction with the way “public servants” grow richer by the endorsement of special interests. These special interests show no interest in the people footing the bill for ever increasing but inefficient administration. Initially a certain amount of heavy-handedness may be used to gain the attention of the ambivalent citizenry and members of government. This is necessary to assure understanding that compromise is unacceptable when capitulation is really the demand.

What started as an exercise in frustration must move from the stridency of protest and catch-phrases shouted at the deaf in power. The Tea Parties must move to a position of applying responsible and reasonable solutions. It’s one thing to speak against the evils of government but what is the resolution you’d prescribe to cure the ills of unresponsive and self-possessed government? There must be a measured response; not overblown hyperbole. Let the government respond with scare tactics, it’s the style used most often by the faint of heart, the morally corrupt and the socially impotent to misdirect their enemies. In this case they see the enemy as the American people.

Tea Party people love their country; it’s their government they’ve come to despise.

Thanks for listening.



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