A Little More On The Perry-Romney Social Security Flap And Why Perry Kills Romney On The Issue

Via Gateway Pundit, here was Frank Luntz’ focus group from last night talking about Social Security…

Voters – particularly Republican voters, but I’m going to say voters in general as well – are sick and tired of being fed pablum by politicians as though they were babies. They’re sick and tired of the government trying to take care of them as well, but that’s a secondary part of this.

Luntz’ focus group UNANIMOUSLY said Perry won that exchange. He’s killing Romney on Social Security.

The Beltway elite has pronounced Perry a loser of last night’s debate. I won’t say he won it, because it’s impossible to win a debate that consists of seven people taking turns mugging you, but they’re missing the larger picture here. Which is that Perry has grabbed the supposed Third Rail of American politics and rather than being electrocuted he’s using it to remove his ear hair.

America’s ready for a real discussion about entitlements. Americans understand the welfare state was a mistake.

The Associated Press just called the special election race in New York’s 9th District, which is Anthony Weiner’s district in Queens and Brooklyn – it was Chuck The Schmuck Schumer’s district before Weiner had it and previously it was Geraldine Ferraro’s district in the early 1980’s and hasn’t been Republican since 1923 – for Bob Turner. Turner just knocked off a Democrat, and the race really isn’t all that close. With 376 of 512 precincts in, Turner had a 53-46 lead, and most of what’s left is in Brooklyn where he’s beating David Weprin, the Democrat, 69-31. By the time this is over it could well be a rout.

November 2010 didn’t end anything. It was only the beginning. Romney’s problem is he completely missed where the electorate is.



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