Biden’s Barbarians At The Gate

Joe Biden is a walking validation of the need to rehabilitate liberal political misanthropes. His statement labor union members are “the only folks keeping the barbarians at the gate” is worthy of a third rate political opportunist like Jimmy Hoffa Jr. but, I wouldn’t think so much of the Vice-President of the United States. Biden’s denigrating many members of the American electorate. But, Biden spends a lot of time pulling his over-sized foot out of his brainless diatribe. The man can’t speak without ticking off one American or another he deems unfit to participate in the course and direction of government. This is NOT the way to get me to see it YOUR way.

“Barbarians at the gate”. It has a dynamic, dramatic appeal to it in a perverse sense. It might appear clever except for the fact some staff member fed him the line prior to going on-stage. The man simply isn’t all that quick on the uptake to begin with. More often than not he embarrasses himself when speaking. The thought this guy is one heartbeat away from the presidency creates arrhythmias in countless concerned Americans.

Where Obama seems set on socializing America, Biden is available to beat it to death with his insipid commentary.

Mr. Biden, I’m an American. I was raised by an American mother and father born and raised by American grandmothers and grandfathers. I was raised with manners, an understanding of etiquette (or public behavioral protocol if that helps you understand the bigger words used by adults) and the command to respect those I disagree with. I was taught to NOT insult them because we disagree. It’s evident the concept of “the loyal opposition” escapes you as it does your political allies like your toadies Hoffa and Trumka.

Statements of this sort are the hallmark of a craftsman insulting the product he wishes to sell to the public. The so called “craftsman” claims the construct of the article is exceptional while regularly decrying the lack of quality in the materials used to construct it. If you insult the intelligence and patriotism of one American, you diminish the esteem of ALL Americans in the world-view.

This statement is a vocalized disdain for the American people. It’s the spittle to be wiped away but never forgotten for the denigration of me, and mine, who simply ask the right to question what you’ve done with MY government.

“Barbarians at the gate”. Really. That’s what you think of us. Thanks for defining just how low you’ve sunk in your opinion of Americans. When you make this political jab at Americans you show your disdain for the very audience you speak to at the moment. You drop them to your level. The liberal/socialist cattle-drive you’re ramrodding is evidence of what your audience’s fate is at the end of the trail.

In the sense of being thought a “barbarian at the gate” I offer this: the Roman Empire fell not so much from the invasive elements of barbarians, as the internal rot and decay of the incumbent elements of Roman culture and its corrupt hierarchy.

Like Rome, the Democratic Party has diminished from a role of acceptable civic discourse and conduct to accepting the militancy of hired guns and mercenaries such as Trumka, Hoffa and others of this ilk. They rouse what they see as rabble while always encouraging that same rabble they command to stay the course at the front lines while being lead from the rear.

In the era when the “barbarians” calmly walked into the crumbling Roman sphere of influence a “barbarian” approached a Roman citizen while at his home. The citizen was afraid he’d be killed because Rome said “barbarians” behaved this way. Instead the “barbarian” asked, in a well mannered, articulate way, if the citizen would sell him some land. While shocked, the citizen declined and wasn’t killed. It showed the effect of reality over fear-mongering morons.

Mr. Biden, in retrospect I think I’d rather be thought a “barbarian” than a member of a corrupt, dissolute, crumbling and archaic assembly of self-centered ideologues such as you represent.

You sure as Hades is hot don’t represent me.

Thanks for listening.



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