Bromwich’s Ministry Of…Something

The latest brouhaha (controversy, kerfuffle, debate, waste of time [pick one]) has floated to the water’s surface like gas passed in a bathtub. It still stinks but it’s concealed amongst the other bubbles.

Michael Bromwich, head of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE). He’s a political appointee taking offense at Rep. Jeff Landry (R-LA) alluding to BOEMRE’s refusal to meet with a standing member of Congress. Then Landry said the BOEMRE was “like the CIA and Gestapo”. These are harsh words. I wish Landry chose a better allusion: like the East German Stasi. They covertly worked behind the scenes to sabotage the West German government during the cold war. It’s a better analogy.

I’d suggest Mr. Bromwich, the clueless administrator in this case, simply collect his pay and go away when his un-civil service contract ends. You do our country no real good and are a contributory element to unemployment, the failing economy and our movement backward in queue as a major energy producer in the world.

Bromwich, you’re an example of everything that’s wrong with bureaucracy crippling American industry. You’re so slow in the command of your responsibilities while holding this position you have to draw attention to your research abilities by quoting the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).  The WSJ said they believed permitting activities were approaching levels before BP spilled the greatest disaster in the gulf since its creation. But, I’d suggest you and the WSJ both suffer from the same malady. Neither of you address the issue with those impacted by your lack of competence.

How many times has the WSJ interviewed, on a regular basis, the people applying for permits? How many times have you, Bromwich, done the same? Answer (I suspect): NONE. Both entities make their decisions and judgments based on the collected observations and conjured data designed to make the incumbent administration appear “energy friendly”. This data is blended in a cauldron overseen by amateurs seeking growth in a bureaucracy designed to control; not progress.

Do you even know where the Gulf of Mexico is? I know you and that nutcase in the Offal Office think Brazil is the 51st state because George Soros said so, but give us a break. We’re not stupid enough to follow you and your boss into oblivion without a counter-attack of publicity and observational disclosure.

I’m sorry your Hebraic sensitivity was bruised for the Gestapo allusion. The Gestapo was an organization designed to destroy Hitler’s enemies. It’s a bad analogy. Mine fits better because under the guise of “management, regulation and enforcement” you and yours are more like the Stasi than I care to think. You create, develop and administer un-regulated regulations (without Congressional oversight/controls) strangling an industry of national import. Then you insult and dismiss Louisiana’s representatives coming to ask questions about your operation and its direction. I suggest Gestapo is a bad analogy. I suggest bureaucratic clown stamping his over-sized shoes in the center ring of a circus Washington’s become. It’s hard to take you seriously Bromwich.

Unlike you and your employer Obama, Representative Landry is our employee. We sent him to question what’s with your policies and “mismanagement, over-regulation and arbitrary enforcement”. He owes you no homage Bromwich. If anything you owe him and US deference for our position as your employer. He’s the supervisor Louisiana sent to watch and oversee you to assure we’re getting what we’re paying for. And it’s obvious we aren’t getting true value for your execution of your duties. You’re slacking dude. We see it.

Bromwich, recognize something: you are NOT our representative in this matter. You are NOT practicing good stewardship of this “bureau”. You are NOT a scion of etiquette and propriety as it applies to this matter.

You are a feckless hack chosen to oversee a bureaucracy running amok with my country’s interests. You’re a low-level, poorly functioning excuse for a civil servant.

The job I’d suggest you get next would be Minister of Double-speak and Issue Obfuscation. We’re past Orwell’s 1984 Bromwich. Get a handle on that. Bromwich: I don’t care if you’re listening you’re not smart enough to understand.

For all others,

Thanks for listening.



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