Tectonic Chasms

The “general welfare” of the people is something bandied about by politicians as though it was a ball smacking the paddle before rocketing to the other extreme on its elastic confinement. It makes no sense because government has NO collective conscience by which it can develop a moral definition of what benefits the “general welfare” of all the people.

Left-wing dings, (known lovingly as the Democratic Party hierarchy) believe “general welfare” means paying for everything for everybody, forever. Welfare, AFDC (Aid for Families with Dependent Children [now, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act {PRWORA} of 1996], Medicaid, Food Stamps etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum are indicators of which I speak.

Now Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) says Congress needs to look at another federal mistake, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and its funding. Some say because “real people” are involved in “real” tragedies like hurricanes and earthquakes they need money from the feds to carry on. These real tragedies have happened since the planet started cooling into a solid as opposed to gaseous refuse left behind allegedly by a big bang. But Cantor wants greater oversight over this bloated and inefficient element of governmental mismanagement at a time when people say they need help the most.

I suggest postponing all natural disasters until we can work, in more politically correct manner, to assuage the collective and thus wasteful needs of such “real” people. Evidently left-wingnuts never saw a buck they couldn’t use better by redistributing it amongst people who’d do better if the government wasn’t picking their pocket every time they come into contact with them.

How about we leave the money in the states for them to better deal with their own problems, you know, like maybe actually using the Tenth Amendment for something other than bathroom cleansing and distribution from a roll when it’s best available? But no, we must tax and spend in order to assure the govern-mentally challenged and ethically retarded members of liberal parties can appear of some value other than creating sound bites on major network media.

The government, years ago issued the Solonic edict that the government must respond to the needs of the masses first and then to the individual on a “prioritized”  basis according to standards decided on by some governmental agency; not before. This “triage” is normally accomplished by the least trained, least capable and least responsible person in the hierarchy. If you don’t believe it go to a hospital ER and see who decides how fast you see a doctor; a receptionist/clerk or a real medical professional. Also see who spends the most time with you initially, the insurance lady or the surgeon. If the masses come first then individuals get services last. Make up your mind.

Now, people want to assure individuals get theirs first and that the feds should be the ones handing out the infected blankets to the newest residents of the latest reservation. It would seem somebody needs to get their spit together and understand the feds can’t fix everything; no matter how badly they need the votes.

There’s a strange elasticity of ethical and moral fiber displayed when it comes to what should be done with tax dollars. Left-wingleberries believe you can always print more dollar bills. Right-wingbats think somewhere along the line somebody should hold government responsible for its actions and be more in touch with the realities ALL taxpaying citizens are familiar with; like live within your means, buy only what you can afford to; don’t overwhelm your credit and tell the truth like; “no Johnny I can’t grow money on trees.”

If the Left wonks want people’s needs adequately and properly administered to, they must minimize the structural participants. They must put those programs on a level closer (like the states) to those needing services. If the feds would stop taxing the people to death and let the states administer their own monies, there’d be less waste, less theft and fewer people falling into the tectonic chasms left behind by bureaucratic incompetents administering federal programs.

Integrity swells the closer it stands to the noose. Accountability to the people works.

Thanks for listening.



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