‘You’re Not From The PR Department, Are You?’

So Barack Obama had Richard Trumka as his guest of honor at that stupid speech last night about “jobs.”

And Richard Trumka’s the head of the AFL-CIO.

The AFL-CIO is the parent union of the ILWU – the International Longshoremens’ Workers Union. And up in Washington State, those guys are such upstanding folks that their idea of a job action is to break stuff and hold people hostage, or even carjacking and attacking cops with baseball bats.

They’re classy guys.

How classy?

Don’t let any kids in the room before you play this – it’ll make a sailor blush.

Maybe it’s not quite cool to say this is who’s running the country, but the cockroach who’s the boss of these charming gents – who by the way had his goons kill a guy in 1993 and ended up paying the guy’s family $27 million to settle the case when it looked like jail was possible – pretty much can get Obama to dance any time he wants just by saying “Dance, boy.”

A final thought – that clown who busted out of that union hall with penis references in rapid-fire? Would you hire that guy to work for your company?

Exactly. And you wonder why all these states that aren’t right-to-work can’t grow their economies.



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