Hey Biden, Submit This!

Whenever I feel there’s nothing for me to write about, Joe Biden slaps something on my plate I simply can’t help but enjoy digesting.

The latest is a failure by HIS party to pass the Jobs Act; aka Stimulus 2.0 or Stimulus Lite. This lack of positive legislative action (meaning it’s positive because he wants it) will cause homicides and rapes to increase dramatically. Teachers and Police will be fired in untold numbers across America. The flower of womanhood will be ravaged daily and these same vestal virgins sacrificed at the altar of Republican Party intransigence will curse the blighted ground Republicans walk on.

The trouble is Obama and Biden’s own party couldn’t get the thing passed in the Senate; the same Senate their party controls.  Go figure. Then backtrack and try to understand: scare tactics aren’t working anymore.

When Biden was challenged on the premise of rape increasing he made this statement: “Murder will continue to rise. Rape will continue to rise; all crimes will continue to rise.” No kidding. Joe do you really believe average, unemployed people will turn to rape, robbery and homicide because the Jobs Act fails? Are you that stupid? Never mind. It was a rhetorical question.

The other gem bubbling forth from the VP in charge of inarticulate and misdirected bloviating was that he wished conservative lawmakers “had some notion of what it was like to be on the other side of the gun, or [to have] a 200-pound man standing over you, telling you to submit.” (Heritage Foundation-The Foundry 10-21-2011)

Uh, Joe? I already know that feeling. It happened with the Bank Bail-outs, Stimulus One, ObamaCare and it’s happening again with the Jobs Act. Every time the President steps up to a podium his drive to print, (then spend) more money we don’t have spits past his lips like a devil-dog in heat. Then he lets you out of the kennel to try to explain what you don’t understand to begin with: we want fiscal responsibility, not spendthrift, vote pandering spending.

You both are the 200-pound men standing over me demanding I submit. I say: submit this (draw your own picture). Trust me, I feel as badly abused by this stupid political intrusion as anybody ever got it put to them. This isn’t to denigrate the horror of rape victims’ experience it’s to metaphorically show how America’s getting unwillingly screwed over by politicians. Again I ask the rhetorical question from above while expecting no answer.

Let me put this into perspective Joe. That means I’ll try to make it clearer for you so you can see what I’m saying. Two major members of the Senate; Senators Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Mark Pryor (D-AR) were in consensus (that means similar thinking) that most people don’t think the Federal Government should be tasked with supplying and paying for First Responders and Teachers. They believe this based on a thing called (wait for it): The Constitution and its Tenth Amendment. It’s something for the STATES to work on. This in turn would indicate y’all need to keep your power-hungry and greedy little pinkies out of the mix. These two apparently sane men (Nelson and Pryor) think it’s not good to tax just so you can spend more where you don’t belong in the first place.

This is a smoke-screen to allow for the federalization of education and police protection. It started under the morally uptight and irrelevant administration of Jimmy “Peanut” Carter and his making the Department of Education a cabinet level post.  Then we have the birth of Homeland Security, the bureaucracy bridging the gap between local law enforcement, the FBI and the military. More Federal interference in traditionally state and local programs doesn’t make us any safer; it bureaucratically clogs the pathways of progress because we play “mother may I” every time a decision needs to be made.

It’s been proven Obama is not as accomplished in the presidency as he is in the art of campaigning and misdirecting of political-speak and rhetoric. His attempts at pushing legislation have been foiled by his own people much of the time.

Shouldn’t this tell him something?

Thanks for listening.

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