Nungesser vs. Dardenne: The Wednesday WWL Bickering Session

It comes off like a Jerry Springer episode. More heat than light. And both of them look small.

Some of that comes from the moderator, WWL-TV’s Eric Paulsen, whose questions indicate a preference for stoking this stuff. “Are you distorting his record? Is he distorting your record?” You’re not going to get an answer to those questions other than “I’m a great guy, and he stinks.”

The question about what the Lt. Governor actually does is a good one, and it was worth asking. Paulsen did make a good point in suggesting that none of the attacks from either side have much to do with the job they’re running for. It would have been nice if he’d followed up with some specifics about state parks, or museums, or some other issues within the Lt. Governor’s job description.

Anyway, the video…

(Link in case embed doesn’t load)



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