Obama’s March To Moscow, And An Island Vacation To Follow…

Obama’s on the stump again. He couldn’t convince a blind, deaf Neanderthal his latest challenge to Congress isn’t campaign rhetoric. The guy now carries the relevance of a callus. What relative good does it do? Is it of benefit because it cushions a body part from the pressures exerted on it; or is it useless skin (cracked and incapable of yielding) and is thus restrictive of forward movement?

Obama addressed his adoring public, the media, in a boilerplate interview designed to underscore the gravity of our present economic condition. His tone was solemn, his demeanor somber; his impact resoundingly trite. It’s getting old. Such is the force of the physical and diplomatic presence of our Demander in Chief.

He stands before the cameras and demands we see economic policies; policies proving daily to be inaccurate, unresponsive to worldwide influences and outmoded on the practice field of international fiscal truth; his way and his way only. His obstinacy in this matter is becoming a bore. Obama makes vapid statements of “what independent economists have said — not politicians, not just people in my administration. Independent experts who do this for a living…” To Obama an independent anything is a person mirroring his beliefs but doesn’t get a government paycheck signed by him.

The clichéd hope for change is now more along the alignment of hoping the presidency changes hands and the country changes back to being a world leader rather than a self-defeating whiner.

Obama says: “this is not a game; this is not the time for the usual political gridlock”. Then why do Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi play those “gridlock” games such as enacting the “nuclear option” in the Senate. This is where Reid and his slackers enact parliamentary procedures without regard to discussion or debate restricting any suggested modification of a bill. This definitely does away with the “bipartisan support” everybody lies about when it best suits them. Then there are the divisive sound bites insulting anybody the California banshee disagrees with to be thrown into the community well to poison any attempt at that same “bipartisanship”.

Now, remember; these are Democrats, the same members of the same party Obama holds a membership card with. It’s allowable to note Republicans do no better when the ball is in their court. Congress on both sides of the aisle posture, preen and strut like fat pigeons of different colors, but all are still fat pigeons.

The question is this: which is worse for America? Is it worse to have a “do nothing Congress” as Obama so petulantly noted; or is it a greater travesty to have a “leaderless nation” such as we have now?

Obama’s original resume’ is devoid of entries noting his business acumen or that he’s a knowledgeable practitioner of economic theory.  Now, his resume’ denotes NO real ability to lead his own party past their pathetically redundant statements concerning ideologies nobody finds relevant to today’s realities. He conducts his administration from a position of leadership at the rear. He directs the action from somewhere around the trunk of a car he’s pushing over a cliff.

He’s failed to recognize a stylish, but empty suit and pithy talking points are a thin veneer covering his ineptitude to conduct presidential and national business. His incompetence is becoming more and more apparent with each tired speech given during press conferences and with every appearance before audiences chosen to highlight his popularity with unions and others looking for government support. He offers no other cure for America’s ills than to print and issue more dollars of lessening and lessening value on the world market.

That IS NOT sound economic policy today. What worked in FDR’s and Reagan’s time is history. Europe wasn’t doing a “crash and burn” as it is now. Our indebtedness to one time enemies of this state has changed from a cold war footing to a “gold war” in reality. It’s our metaphorical Moscow being marched toward resolutely by this Napoleonic wannabee. He’s driving us deeper and deeper into the depths of an economic winter capable of killing us and our position of world-leader.

In 2012, maybe he’ll tour Elba.

Thanks for listening.

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