Why Bad Debate Performances Won’t Kill Rick Perry’s Campaign

The media narrative is that Mitt Romney is a shoo-in after last night’s debate (that nobody saw, since it was on Bloomberg TV).

Herman Cain is the guy with the buzz these days, though he probably will take a hit from having said last night that he wants another Fed chairman like Alan Greenspan and also from the shots he took on his 9-9-9 plan.

But the guy the media is trying to write off, and perhaps not completely without reason to do so since his last couple of debate performances (including last night) were not top-tier, is not going away.

Rick Perry still has lots of money in the bank. And while he might stink in debates, there is more to campaigning than debates.

Perry doesn’t seem to have the ability to speak in 30 second sound bites like the TV networks insist upon in these debates. But give him a less determinate time period to express himself, and the difference is palpable. From Redstate

And then in a question-and-answer period, he gives very good answers – but they don’t come within 30 seconds…

Perry has to get out on the stump and he has to do retail politics or maybe one-on-one interviews on Fox News or something. He won’t find his rhythm in those debates.

But he’s still a formidable candidate. And it’s far too early to write Perry off. Because despite what the media and the establishment say, Romney still has three-quarters of the Republican electorate who don’t want to vote for him. And that means if Perry is the last anti-Romney candidate standing, he’s still going to beat Romney.

And whoever the GOP nominates next year will be the president. That’s quite apparent.



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