A Quantum Of Understanding

Occasionally we must question what is simplistically asked by children. Like: can you make something from nothing?

The answer appears obvious: No. But there are different thought processes involved in science and physics making my head hurt at times. Some say, if we take our basic suppositions and throw them away nothing becomes something and therefore we have something from nothing!

As Mr. Spock mused: Interesting. Except for when you start trying to make it work anywhere but in the world of thought, theory and hypothetical belief. Then it becomes confusing.

The Big Bang Theory is an example. You start with nothing, or at least what appears to be nothing and it’s reactive to another nothing that creates a thermodynamic reaction between the two nothings. Then there’s an explosion creating something that expands into what we call: The Universe.

This comes from turning your concepts and understanding of what we call “common sense” upside down and calling it “wrong” or is it merely, “not right”. Who decides what’s right or wrong? This is the realm of Quantum Physicists and their ability to write unfathomable equations on blackboards because computers can’t efficiently convolute such vast stores of theoretical endeavor.

Imagine: a piece of chalk supersedes the utility of electronic digital encoding apparatuses?

But Quantum Physics is a “closed shop” not just anybody can join. The rules of the game are very much specific and only the best, brightest and most mathematically adept can benefit from this work. The rest of us must take it for granted (or forgive me my trespasses; on faith) what we’re told is true.

It’s only our limited intellect keeps us from blindly accepting what’s put on our plate as nourishment because somebody “more intelligent” than we says it’s so. Somehow they’ve gotten it into their minds there is something in place we can’t see, but has mass, texture, strength, power and undeniable existence.

These people expect us to turn our backs on our faith in something greater than ourselves, as in a God or deity, and then to displace that belief system with an act of trust, confidence and belief in the intentions and/or abilities of specific people, their ideologies and direction of travel in theory.

They want our faith in the almighty to be displaced with faith in man. This is absurd when you look at the track record man’s developed where he tries regularly to destroy himself and his fellows. It seems foolish to place limitless faith in a creature proven to not even have its own best interests in mind much of the time.

Some of us don’t see what they “see”. Our vision adeptly interprets what we perceive, not only what we imagine. Some of us can see the theory and with a little filtration through the lens of imagination, can modify our perceptions. These secular scientists and theorists accept little at first inspection and seek confirmation through mathematics. Their understanding and use of mathematics is exhibited through the development of equations. They reject what they can’t quantify as being unacceptable.

And at the base of each equation is the drive man has to find equivalence with a previously undefinable higher power. Whether it’s the power of seen or unseen matter affecting the course of time, space and universal understanding, man craves equivalence with it by forcing his understanding of it.

Man wants to be recognized as God unto himself.

This is true in science, in reality and in the unreality of politics. It’s seen where economic theory displaces your acceptance of what’s tangible in favor of what’s ephemeral or transitory. They want it to appear equivalent to what you’ve seen and accept on faith. They want your faith placed in them and not what you know or believe before they came along.

Politicians want you to believe in them as they appear (god-like) not as you know they are: human. As such they are subject to all the undesirable traits humans possess. They’d be forced to accept their fallibility.

Personally, I’ll maintain my faith in an undefinable higher power; not something makes me appear bigger and better than I really am.

Like politicians.

Thanks for listening.



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