Former Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee About Cain Allegations: He Had It Coming To Him

Starting to think that regardless of how poorly the Cain campaign has handled this mess, which at the end of the day really was not all that high a hill to climb given the flimsiness of the allegations, that it actually wasn’t let loose by the Perry or Romney campaigns.

It’s beginning to look like somebody on the Left – whether Obama’s camp or maybe just the Beltway Establishment media complex – was behind the Caingate kerfuffle.

The fact that POLITICO and the other traditional media outlets who have spun this thing into THE political story of this week have yet to present us with anything specific that Cain is alleged to have done after five days of hounding him with questions about this “scandal” is a clue not only to their agenda but their enthusiasm for it.

And then there’s this, which you’ll have to wait for a little. The Daily Caller sent a female reporter to a party for Chris Matthews’ new book about JFK – who after all was always a perfect gentleman around females he wasn’t married to and who was always given intensive and critical media scrutiny as to his private life – and came out with video of Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee from the Washington Post talking about Caingate (among other things).

And Bradlee, after pawing said female reporter, drops a bomb.


(Link in case the embed doesn’t load)

“He had it coming.”

That’s great, isn’t it? Bradlee goes on and on about how much he liked Jack Kennedy, despite the fact that no other president save for Bill Clinton abused his position in pursuit of sexual conquest more, and then pre-judges Herman Cain without so much as a nod to the fact nobody has made a specific allegation against him at all.

Says a lot, doesn’t it?

You hate to see the race card get played, but Cain is precisely right in saying it fits where the Left is concerned. Bradlee’s seething resentment of Cain and glee at his predicament is hardly a surprise but it’s instructive. Black conservatives are not to be tolerated within the Washington elites, and so whatever trouble befalls Cain “he had it coming.”

Bradlee isn’t alone. The networks have run 50 stories on this “scandal” in four days, without one single revelation of a specific accusation. It almost looks like collusion, doesn’t it?

Hot Air had this graph comparing Caingate to previous revelations involving a certain Democrat president…

Tina Korbe’s piece did have an excellent take on why the frenzy is ongoing, though, and it’s not what you think…

So, what’s the deal? Why are the MSM so fixated on this? Hint: It has nothing to do with Herman Cain. Every minute that’s dedicated to these accusations is a minute that’s not dedicated to today’s disappointing jobs numbers or Obama’s shrill harping of the AJA. Every minute that’s dedicated to these accusations is a minute that’s not dedicated to Obama’s low approval numbers or his wife’s startlingly angry advance campaigning. Every minute that’s dedicated to these accusations is a minute that’s not dedicated to the impending implosion in Europe or China’s ever-extending credit line.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t appear there’s a great deal of damage to Cain from these allegations so far – though that very well might change as events develop. Bradlee’s old newsroom has a poll out in which Cain is only one point short of Romney despite three days of those stories running one after another.

We’ll see whether this dies down next week or if the media keeps at it. Cain is threatening to sue POLITICO, which is a mistake just like their attempt to pin this thing on Perry consultant Curt Anderson. What he can do if he wants to deflect this is to point the finger at the elitist pricks in DC like Bradlee and their lynch-mob mentality – because unlike the other swings he’s taken this week if he takes that one he’ll actually score a hit.



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