Lotsa Hats, No Cattle

The sun rises each day, but as usual, it’s taken for granted. There are newer things to look at taking our attention away from what we need to think about.

A political campaign is similar to a hurricane season. There’s anticipation and occasionally, preparation for the soon to be realized trials to be dumped on us. Most of the time we get the NIMBY (not in my backyard) theory saying there’s no real reason to understand the dynamics of the program. Or, that there’ll be an aftermath needing attention to be paid to in order to go on after the big blow is finished screwing up the landscape.

The GOP program is to bull its way through the season and assure there’s enough carnage to assure the people involved in the debates have the most damage to recover from. So far, nobody involved has taken stock of exactly how much damage must be overcome: not Bachmann, not Santorum; not Paul nor any of the other folks. They’re spending so much capital to assure they get to say what they want but put no self-censorship forth to control HOW they say it.

It’s been pointed out before that each candidate was overly willing to feed off of the wounds they inflict on their competition. They’re more maggots cleaning a wound than confederates working for a cause and pulling respect for understanding issues brought to the debate. Instead of debriding (meaning to cut away, as gently as possible, the decay present at any wound they create) they continue cutting and hope the “free-bleeding” isn’t too bad.

All of the negativity is an eye-opener. Bachmann’s maintained her aplomb and lady-like demeanor while doing no more than make gaffe after gaffe, then attack her competitors as soon as possible after the fact. This shows her command of misdirection and political sleight of hand. It also shows a lack of genuine appreciation of the difficult issues to address. She’ll go far. She’s as bad as any of them.

We all know Cain’s problems, but also his resilience. Santorum seems to whine a bit and Paul wants to return to the isolationist stone age of the near prehistoric posture of early 20th century politics. Nobody’s stepped to the front on foreign policy, though Huntsman has a strong background. I think fluently ordering from a Mandarin Chinese Menu doesn’t necessarily mean you’re presidential.  For others making no articulate statements, it makes it all the more damaging when they point out each other’s shortcomings.

Gingrich shows he’s got stamina as well as an ability to get points across. It’s a tribute to the thickness of the political hair shirt he wears for the fact so many people remember he rotated in the wind on many an occasion. Expediency has never been a problem for him and his people must be having fits with the fact history isn’t always revisionist.

Romney is proving himself to be a man of vision. This is because there isn’t any side or angle of any issue he hasn’t landed firmly in favor of, feverishly against or malleable dependent on the time of day and all at the same time. This guy has too many points on his compass.  He’s as insincere as any of them.

Any hope this country has to move from beneath the yoke of progressive/socialist politics creeping into America’s political scene is slowly being choked off by the Madison Avenue approach to the issues.

“Anger no one. Please all. Kiss the babies and shake the hands while trying like heck to not step on your tongue as you speak volumes and say nothing. Always wear clothes that show a working man’s sensibility. Remove your jacket, roll up your sleeves; get a fresh haircut every day. Man-scape and landscape and try like heck to not get too muddy.

Instead of an old-fashioned duel in the town’s streets, we have a circular gunfight.  As each gets hit they sling mud back at the offender. All are wounded, battered and dirty. Nobody looks heroic, especially the last candidate standing.

All I’ve seen so far is a lot of hats and no cattle.

Thanks for listening.



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