Perry’s New Ad Calls Obama Pathetic

This guy is all about the raw meat. It’s pretty clear Perry’s strategy is to position himself as the most un-Washington of candidates, and this is as good a way to do it as you’ll find…

To be fair, Obama’s quote about being lazy had to do with America’s activity in seeking foreign investment and he was talking in this case about the federal government’s efforts rather than the American people.

So it’s more of an opportunistic attack than a true commentary on Obama’s statement.

Even so, the ad is on the mark anyway. Because Obama won’t shut up about how Americans are unworthy; we’re soft, we’ve lost our ambition, and now we’re lazy.

And while Obama lambastes a nation that elected him president for its inability to get off its ass and reel in foreign investment, or to build another Hoover Dam, he’s the guy who refuses to get off his ass and approve the Keystone XL pipeline – which has to be a modern equivalent of the kind of infrastructure project he talks about, except that Keystone is a privately-funded project – and he’s also the guy who won’t put forth a proposal to lower the world’s highest corporate income tax, which is the biggest barrier to foreign investment out there, or to do something about the double taxation of foreign profits that is keeping well more than a trillion dollars in capital offshore.

And that’s pathetic. Perry’s right to call him out on it.



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