Too Big For Our Britches, Again

Some of our readers have no doubt noticed that access to the Hayride is a bit spotty this week, and it’s for that reason we’ve held back from doing a Nooner yesterday and today.

We noticed the problem around mid-morning yesteday, and we put our web folks on it. They’ve been doing some cleanup work on the site the last day or so, and finally came back with a conclusion about the problem.

Which is that we’ve overloaded our server. We’ve outgrown the thing.

This is the second time in the last six months that’s happened. We had to migrate from a server once already; now we’ll be doing it again. Our traffic just piles up and piles up; it’s grown faster than we expected when we did the last changeover.

We upgraded to a server a little larger than the one we were on last time. This time we’ll be making a much bigger upgrade. At the rate we’re growing we’re going to have to put out a few extra bucks to stay ahead of demand.

They tell me it’s going to take 24 hours or so to get this thing finished, and during that time we’re not going to be updating the site. Instead, we’ll move the party over to the Hayride’s Facebook page, which you can see here.

So look for a return to normal tomorrow afternoon, and the Nooner hitting on Thursday.

Thanks for your patience with us, and we’ll see you on Facebook!



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