Tracie Washington Goes Off On Kira Orange Jones

Building off this morning’s post on the BESE District 2 race, we’ve now obtained a copy of the latest racial attack on Kira Orange Jones from New Orleans “civil rights” lawyer Tracie Washington. It’s an e-mail which went out to a network of Hard Left activists and it’s spreading like wildfire, and we thought we’d post it so folks can see exactly how nasty Louella Givens’ camp is getting in an attempt to hold the District 2 seat.


As most of you know, I am the proud product of New Orleans educators.  My father is a retired Southern University and Dillard University professor.  And my late mother, Mrs. Geraldine Thompson Washington, worked in the New Orleans public schools as a teacher, a central office administrator, and a principal for 30 years.  Her father (my grandfather) was a New Orleans Public Schools teacher, and so too have been my many aunts, uncles, and cousins.  This is a proud legacy for me, and it is why I find it so difficult to hear individuals impugn and malign the reputations of our largely African-American (and, more specifically, largely African-American female) teacher corps, with labels like “failing” and “lazy.”

I don’t recall ever seeing or hearing of Leslie Jacobs, or Bobby Jindal, or Michael Bloomberg teaching in any of our New Orleans classrooms, do you?  Notwithstanding this fact, these three individuals want to determine the future of African-American children in our community, through their hand-picked, never voted in her life before October 22, 2011 candidate, Kira Luckie Orange Jones.

That’s their decision.  Our decision must be to interview carefully the candidates for the B.E.S.E. District 2 seat and decide who, indeed, has the best interests of our children in mind.  But guess what?  That can’t happen with Kira Luckie Orange Jones because her campaign (financed by Leslie Jacobs and Bobby Jindal and Michael Bloomberg) has decided Kira will not appear before any African-American groups for forums or debates during this last week before the Saturday, November 19th election.

No joke.  After being ordered last week by Civil District Court Judge Cates to cease and desist from misrepresenting her voting record, Kira Luckie Orange Jones chose to decline the invitations to speak before the following groups:

(1)a Coalition of 8 ministerial groups (First District Baptist Association; Ideal Baptist Association; Cornerstone Baptist Association; Liberty Baptist Association; Jeremiah Group; Isaiah Institute; Baptist Pastors Conference; and the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance);  

(2)the African American Women of Purpose and Power and the Greater New Orleans Urban League (the groups that coordinated the most well-attended mayoral forum in 2010) to speak at the Wednesday, November 16th Candidate Forum; and

(3)WBOK or WDSU’s hot-seat.

But you can meet her at a bar uptown with the Leslie Jacob’s financed group EngageNOLA.  Heaven forbid she refuse to meet with young, largely Caucasian “urban professionals.”

Why is Kira Luckie Orange Jones afraid to speak to African-Americans?

Our children – yes, largely an African-American public school population – deserve better.  They deserve a candidate who will stand and answer the tough questions, who will make the tough decisions, and who has EXPERIENCE and INTEGRITY.  These are not qualities exhibited by Kira Luckie Orange Jones!

Orange Jones is in fact spending a good bit of her time canvassing the River Parishes for support, as redistricting has expanded District 2 outward from Orleans Parish into St. Charles and St. John Parishes as well as some of Jefferson. As a result, there are lots of white voters who have never been Givens’ constituents and who appear to be fertile ground for Orange Jones.

Washington’s e-mail indicates that (1) the Givens camp is extremely worried Orange Jones’ strategy of reaching out to the suburbs will work, and (2) they’ll go to any depth in an effort to win this race.

Is it slimy? Of course it is. Welcome to election season in New Orleans.



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