Chris Matthews: Don’t Call Me A Democrat!

Wow, when Chris Matthews won’t even admit that he is a Democrat, you know that all is not right in donkey-land. On MSNBC’s “Hardball” last night, Matthews did a simulcast with Simon Conway, a conservative talk show host in Iowa, to discuss the soon to broadcast Republican debate on Fox News.

Matthews took great offense with Conway calling him a Democrat who is working for the election for President Obama:

Okay, so Matthews doesn’t want to be labeled a Democrat. Should he be? Let’s take a look at his Democratic credentials.

He served on the staff of four Democratic members of Congress before unsuccessfully running as a Democrat for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1974.

After that, he took a job as a speech writer for Democratic President Jimmy Carter, before working for six years as a top aide to Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill during the Reagan Administration.

Leading up to the 2010 mid-term elections, Matthews considered once again running for Congress as a Democrat, this time for Senator to take Sen. Arlen Specters seat.

He reportedly had been discussing his run for the Senate with senior staffers of Democratic President Barack Obama.

Speaking on Charlie Rose’s show, Matthews said,  “I could see myself winning the Democratic primary and I could see myself going on to face Arlen in the general (election).”

Matthews ultimately deciding against the Senate run and continues to host his cable news show were he bashes the GOP nightly, even though Obama doesn’t quite give him the “thrill up my leg” that once did.

Now Matthews won’t admit he is a Democrat.

Maybe because he want to keep to the silly leftist line that he is a journalist who is above party labels and, therefore, more objective than the rest of us. It’s that or that he is just too embarrassed that the people he wanted to run the country are running it into the ground.

Either way, it’s amusing and very telling about the state the Democratic Party finds itself with Obama at the head. You can believe that if things were going well, Matthew would be wearing the Democratic label with pride.



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