All Of It’s Depressing

What takes precedence: LSU or Romney winning in New Hampshire with Ron Paul and Huntsman climbing in the polls? I don’t know; all of it’s depressing.

First of all, who beyond Les Miles believed Jordon Jefferson was an asset against Alabama. Admittedly, the coach accepts the buck stopping with him. But I have to wonder if he’s ever seen a player (a quarterback no less) apparently spit into a towel and then wipe his face with it. It seems hygiene is another thing forgotten right after play selection and PROPER EXECUTION of those plays.

I remember a basketball whiz-kid in the high school I worked at as a School Resource Officer. He was an awesome player. But, he had a problem in that he was as dense as a brick scholastically. He couldn’t understand why he was getting such lousy grades. As he said to me one day: “I don’t know what the problem is Sarge. I do all of my work.”

The thing escaped the kid at that time and I’m not sure he gets it today is: you have to do it correctly and on time dummy. Some people will say : ”You shouldn’t call kids names. It ruins their self-esteem.”

To this I would say –“Screw their self-esteem”. Just because you can throw a ball farther or sink basketballs with the regularity of a metronome doesn’t make you a tactician or a leader. It makes you a guy who throws a ball. The kid I spoke about has an established resume’ chapter to be proud of – convicted drug dealer. His Mom who has the social skills of a hyena must be so proud.

A leader develops his team mates’ confidence in him. Then he puts himself, his talent, his knowledge of the game and his intangibles like charismatic leadership and valor in the face of the opposing forces, and moves forward to the best of the team’s ability.

LSU now appreciates Jefferson’s lack of “charismatic leadership… and valor in the face of the opposing forces”. Because they surely didn’t move forward too well against Alabama they now have the thrilling accolade of being first loser to a team they’d humiliated earlier in the year.

Coach has talents and abilities I can’t even hope to approach in his field. But you have to wonder why there weren’t some obvious changes made in the on-field leadership. But that’s his choice to make and I recognize it. I have trouble understanding it and respecting it but I MUST accept it.

C’est la vie (as they say in France or Ville Platte, pick one).

Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire Primary with 39.3%, Ron Paul was second with 22.9% and Jon Huntsman as third choice with 16.9% of the overall vote.  That’s a completely new element to be appreciated.

We have a “non-politician” who’s been running for the presidency since the ‘90s, a Texas Representative with more political road rash from past campaign efforts than he has foreign policy acumen and a former ambassador who can order from a Chinese menu more efficiently than the oriental imposters running many eateries.

Romney’s problems have been covered here too many times for me to justify banging on your ears concerning his inability to distance himself from certain issues (Obamneycare). Now he’s serving up easily misquoted and readily misinterpreted campaign rhetoric he’d be better off not saying. “I like firing people…”? Quit trying to be spontaneously glib and inventive. Stick to the issues please.

Ron Paul scares me. Nobody can be isolationist and have his country survive. He seems almost confrontational toward the American people because some don’t see it all HIS way. Sound like Obama? It does; doesn’t it? Admit it.

Jon Huntsman’s interesting when he speaks about Communist China fearing their own people and they’re making greater investments in state security than social programs and the economy. Does that sound like Obama? It does; doesn’t it? Admit it.

Maybe the guy’s got a point. But I trust nobody believing he’s so popular he can run after the field was set and the gun sounded to start the race.

Ask Rick Perry.

Thanks for listening .



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