Double Dutch, Double Dumb

Barack Obama, in true form and ready recognition he never had a thought wasn’t given to him by an underpaid staff writer, read the Teleprompted State of the Union Address (SOTU) to the nation Tuesday night. It was jingoism (an appeal intended to arouse patriotic emotions) and doublespeak reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984.

A Republican Party film showed the glaring repetition of Obama in past, and now latest, SOTU addressing the same hackneyed issues in the same hackneyed language over the last three years. In a side by side comparison of rhetoric we find Obama isn’t getting more bang for our buck but he is getting more obvious in his lack of competence. We wonder if the Republican National Committee (RNC) has a ringer in the writer’s bullpen. The redundancy was a point of comedic energy for tele-pundits and media alike. For the American people it was a statement and argument for disaffection.

The statement of needing to be fair in our efforts has always been of interest. Who decides what’s fair? What parameters are set for the measurement of fairness?  If it’s fair today and you have new individuals taking advantage of something tomorrow is it still fair if it doesn’t fit their needs? Just what the heck IS fair?

The answer of truth, justice and true Americanism: there is NOTHING that’s fair? It’s only perceptual and specific to the individual as to what is equitable or inequitable for his purposes. So where does Obama come off saying he knows it’s fair to take my rewards for hard work and give the benefits to somebody not matching my work ethic? It all comes from the ethically challenged theories of socialist sharing of the wealth.

But in reality it’s like lowering test scores, or my favorite, not keeping score because it might damage the self-esteem of the participants to have it noted their production efforts draw suction. You dumb the system downward until everybody remains an equally lower achiever than they might have become if they were allowed to honestly compete to be the best they could become.

This is how the proletariat rises to the estate of the bourgeoisie they seek to replace. Individualism is sacrificed for the equality of the masses. Liberte’, Egalite’, fraternite’ ou morte: (liberty, equality, brotherhood or death) is the state motto of France. Obama seems dedicated to following socialist egalitarianism as he drives our economic status underground with a liberal application of Socialist Grecian Formulary they so desperately are following toward their own destruction.

The heavy usage of cliché’ is becoming desperate. He’s kicked the “can down the road” while watching “bi-partisan” efforts being damaged by people “playing politics” for “personal gain” and other such trite little dribblings of tripe. In fairness his opponents are equally as desperate when they display this annoying garbage. They’ve even taken to “doubling-down” as though this is some sort of poker game they’re playing with OUR assets they mistake for their own.

But we expect more from a SOTU Address. At one time SOTU was a statement of the relative health of our nation and its efforts at growth, prosperity and leadership in all worlds economic, political and ethical. Now it’s a time when a sitting resident of the oval office gets to informally announce his reelection campaign. The speaker is disingenuous, the verbiage is vapid and the message is repetitive with nearly exact quotes being re-fried until they carry the integrity of the beans they so closely emulate. That message spoken of earlier has all the gaseous power points of the beans in this beef-less burrito we’re forced to endure choking down annually.

The SOTU has become a form of Double-Dutch, an elaborately orchestrated and choreographed form of rope-skipping where the competitors dance, gymnastically leap and posture while skipping rope to a rhythmic chant or song. It’s fantastic and seemingly impossible to replicate by such as we are, old folks. But it sure is neat to watch when it’s done correctly.

Unfortunately, this form of double-dutch isn’t all that much fun to watch. But it does show Obama is good at putting on a song and dance routine.

Thanks for listening.

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