Football Gods 1, Gregg Williams 0

This is what happens when the Saints’ defensive coordinator, rather than doing the job he’s paid to do, dabbles in helping Alabama’s defense beat LSU on Monday.

Which is not a rumor. It’s what Alabama’s people said Williams did.

One doubts Alabama needed Williams’ help to stop Jordan Jefferson, the worst option quarterback this side of Jim Everett, but apparently that’s what he was up to.

Maybe he should have done his freakin’ job instead.

And maybe if he had, his defense wouldn’t have completely fallen apart in San Francisco today, like they’ve done a good part of this season.

It’s not like the Saints have had much of a defense since Williams has been here. His first year they gave up a ton of yardage and covered for it because Darren Sharper picked off passes all the time. Since then? You could more or less count on the fact these guys were going to give ground like the French Army.

This year his defense built on getting turnovers was last in the league in doing that, and 28th in total defense. And when it came to keeping San Francisco out of the end zone, they folded.

That’s what you get when you mess with the Football Gods. Helping the enemy of the college team down the road will come back on your ass plenty.

Nobody is ever gonna forgive Williams now. He needs to get the hell out of town tonight.

Better yet, Sean Payton ought to get him the hell out of town and hire somebody who’s actually worth what the Saints are paying him.

Screw you, Williams. You stink. You ruined the whole football season.

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